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Q : Do you travel?

A : Yes. Traveling would be hard for me as I have a college life and a day job. However, when I do travel, I always put a notification on all of my modeling profiles. In the BIO menu, you can see my travel schedule. If you do not find your cities in my travel schedule, I can come to your city if all expenses are covered. Please, contact me if you want to sponsor my trip.

Q : What are your rates?

A : My current rates range from US $ 80 - 125/hour (with minimum 2 hours shooting) depending on the genre, stills or videos, and experience level of the photographer which shows on their portfolio. Half-day (4 hours) and Full-Day (6 hours) discounted rate are available. While I am on a trip, my rates are firm and you will be required to pay a deposit (~50% of the agreed amount) to book. 2 weeks before arrival, your deposit money could not be returned because that is the time I already book my flights and/or the hotel room. There will be an additional cancellation fee within 72 hours, Please, read my cancellation policy. Feel free to contact me to discuss the rate.

Q : What are your limitations?

A : I do not accept all kinds of fetishes / bondages and erotic work (spreading legs pose, showing genitalia) including mild erotic (showing a slight view of vagina without spreading legs.) I do take mild erotic self-portraits, but not accepting any with other photographers. I do not do highly suggestive poses, sexual activities such as masturbating, playing with sex toys, etc nor any dangerous / illegal activities. No touchings unless you have a very specific pose in mind and hard to explain, you may adjust my hand, leg, head, or hair only if permitted. I have no interest in dating nor providing any types of physical intimacy. If any inappropriate behaviors occur, i have the rights to leave, cut our communication, and even report to the authorities when things go terrible.

Q : How can I book you for shooting?

A : You can contact me directly on Model Mayhem, Model Society, Instagram through Direct Message, or here on my website (BIO menu > scroll down to the bottom > fill in the Contact Form.) Please, state your photoshoot concept(s), total hours of the shoot, references (links to, at least, 3 models you have worked with and a link to your portfolio website or any other sites where your work is displayed,) and the use of the images. I normally reply within 72 hours.

Q : Do you accept working with other models?

A : Yes, but you have to inform me beforehand. I would need you to give me the link to the models so I could review and I would let you know if I agree to work with them.

Q : Do you work with new / no experience photographers?

A : Unfortunately, no. I always try to keep myself safe. Brand new modeling photographers without previous experiences are harder to trust because I would not be able to ask for references to other models so I have no idea how they would behave.

Q : Why is my photoshoot offer rejected?

A : With all due respect, I have to reject photographers without any previous experience, inability to provide references, different aesthetic, and those with projects I'm not interested in. Hopefully, we would work together in the future when some things differ.

Q : What is your cancellation policy?

A : If we shoot in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding cities, you do not have to pay for a cancellation fee. However, if I travel to your city, state, or country, you have to pay 50% of the agreed amount for cancellation within 2 weeks, 100% of the agreed amount for cancellation within 72 hours.

Q : Do you accept TF?

A : I accept very limited TF. I would consider it if it is something I do not have, interested in, and I simply want to collaborate with you. Trading for a notable / tasteful nude print would be considered as well. Of course, I would expect you to prove me that. If we do TF, I will NOT sign a model release which serves (only) you the rights selling it for commercial use. I am sorry, that is not how it works. TF is supposed to be beneficial for both parties.

Q : Do you provide your own make-up / wardrobes?

A : Yes. I can do my own makeup. This is the usual smokey eye makeup you often see in my portfolio. I will bring roughly 3-6 outfits for a photoshoot. Generally, white, beige, and black in color because I buy them for my daily outfit as well. Other than that, you would need to hire a MUA and provide your own desired wardrobes (my stat can be found in the BIO menu.)

Contact me if you still have more questions. Serious business inquiries only.

Membership Related Questions

Q : How does this membership work?

A : After you sign in as a member and have paid for a plan, please, check the File Share section in the Member's Treats menu, and download a file titled " How Does This Work? " You will get a full explanation about it.

Q : How can I download the images and/or videos?

A : All modeling images and videos I post here are not downloadable in order to protect the copyrights. The photographers own the copyrights. The purpose of this website is merely for supporting me by purchasing a plan to see my artwork both created with the other artists and created by myself. However, Lover subscribers are able to download the self-portrait sets. If you would like to buy a print from our shoots. Feel free to let me know so I could contact the photographer for you.

Q : Why can't I see some contents?

A : Some contents are only for the other plan(s). If you subscribe to Supporter plan, you will not be able to see contents for Admirer nor Lover subscribers. EXTRA album is for Admirers and Lovers. And, LOVERS ONLY album is only for Lovers.

Q : I want to cancel my subscription, where should I report it?

A : I am sorry to see you go. To cancel your subscription, simply contact me by filling in the contact form and state that you would like to cancel your subscription and don't forget to state your profile name you use here.

Q : How can I change my subscription plan?

A : If you would like to change your subscription, please contact me, I would cancel your current subscription therefore you could choose the plan you desire. Make sure you inform me before 30 days from the day your card was charged for your current plan in order to avoid double charge. Purchased plan cannot be refunded.

Contact me if you still have more questions. Serious business inquiries only.