2 Days Photoshoot with Doug Rice

Last Saturday and Sunday, on July 13 & 14, I got photoshoots with one of my favorite glamour photographers, Doug Rice. A little background about him, he was a former wedding photographer based in Winston-Salem since in the 80's which may be why it influences his modeling photography style to be high-key, bright, and pure. He retired roughly 4 years ago and now he does glamour photoshoots and landscapes in his free time. Throughout his years of experience, he has developed connections and earned trusts from his customers, and his only income recently are from his landscape prints and book selling which you can find at his official website (www.dougricephoto.com). Back to our latest photoshoots, on Saturday morning around 9.30 AM he picked me up at my house in Charlotte to his place. I was still asleep when he arrived at my home, literally. I felt so bad that he had to wait for me getting ready quickly for 30 minutes. Because of that, I forgot some stuffs to bring, two of them are my DSLR camera and my tripod which I was supposed to bring for recording BTS videos! Well, I ended up using my iPhone instead to record a few stuffs and could not find a place to put my phone, made it stand still and close enough during the shoot. I am so sorry, all.

The first shooting location was at his studio, we did nude glamour photoshoot just like the previous photoshoot. It went just fine. I wanted to shoot during sunset, but the tress around his place did not support the concept I was after, so I decided to shoot that with another photographer who has a stronger contrast photo style since it includes shadows (Doug has a softer photo style so the shadow might not show up that much) and at a higher level place like the place I had when shooting with a New York based cinematographer, Chris Santucci (BTW, I will be releasing the photo set with him next month along with Doug Rice's.)

Doug's Least Fave Photo from the Set. Lol

Because my house is far away from his place (it takes 2 hours drive, one-way,) I spent the night at his place. We had to wake up by 5 AM and drove to Hanging Rock State Park, in Stokes County, NC by 6 AM so we would arrive earlier to avoid the crowds and able to do some nude photoshoot. We skipped our breakfast as well (that was a mistake because my anemia came back after the shoot. Doug was worried and he carried me and my stuffs.)

The water was as clear as crystal and fresh! The deepest water level of the waterfall is the same level as Doug's chest which would actually drown me since I am short. Lol. Good thing I can swim. I already can swim since at the age of 3 (my parents told me. We used to have a swimming pool at our backyard.) This is my first waterfall photoshoot. I love how they turned out. The rock was slippery. It is not as easy as it looks for real. Now, I just cannot wait to have another photoshoot with him again at Hanging Rock State Park, but the next one would be on a hanging cliff! I will make sure I do not forget my DSLR to capture that!

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