I would love to welcome all of my members to my website where you can see my modeling and self-portrait work here. I mainly do nude modeling as you may find them on my Instagram. Since Instagram, Facebook, and most social media networking sites have a policy towards nudity contained photographs, we, nude artists, cannot post them there without censorships, so majority of us have our own ways to show them. I figured out that a ton of nude models and photographers have a Patreon page. I signed up for Patreon years ago around 2017 but I had a difficulty and a few disagreements how it works. So, here I am, creating my own website under my stage name, ANONYM, with my own terms. I am so thrilled to finally be able to share my artwork to all of you who are attracted!

As of now, the memberships are divided into 4 categories ; Follower, Supporter, Admirer, and Lover. Follower subscribers have access to the blog and videos. This blog is created not only to inform you about my modeling life, but also giving you a few sneak peek photos so you would know what's going on inside the PHOTO SETS menu where those Follower subscribers are not able to enter. And, yes I would occasionally posting NSFW work here. Supporter, Admirer, and Lover get access to the full set & archives to my modeling non-nude, uncensored art nude, glamour work, and self-portraits. Both Admirer and Lover get access to the EXTRA album where random extra contents will be put (selfies, more self portraits, sensual videos, etc.) And only Lover subscribers can download the self-portrait files and receive mild erotic contents. They would get a monthly personalized set which contained roughly 10 images. They also would receive a signed merchandise every 2 months and 6 months pledging. Now, you have a clear idea which plan to choose.

I have posted a few full sets of my work with 2 absolutely talented photographers named Alex Fillippides and Doug Rice, and a full set of my first self portraits for the site. Here are your sneak peek photos. Get access to the full sets by purchasing Supporter, Admirer, or Lover plan! I wish you all a marvelous week! Have fun!

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